400+ Designer Templates

We have Build-in Templates and themes, you don't need to spend more time to design, Just put your great contents customize and boost it.

leads capture & Email Analytics

We're Providing free service for leads generation, you can track leads, Open rate reports by country,Control your Bounce rate and much more.



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MailsApex on your own web server and you can use marketing/transaction emails without any limitation. You can get rid of expensive email services like others… as now you can have full control over the entire system of your own. MailsApex can be configured to send email through your own SMTP servers like Postfix, Exim, Send mail or Quail. It can also integrate with other email service providers like Mail gun, Send Grid, Spark Post, Elastic Email or Amazon SES.
We offering free service for small business entrepreneur build your list in less time
Build-in email templates with beautiful themes you can create your campaign within few minutes
Control your customers grow your business earn more with MailsApex marketing service.
You can integrate MailsApex with your own website / squeeze / Leads pages.

  • Lists & subscribes management
  • Delivery tracking / statistic reporting
  • Whitelists
  • Monitoring
  • Full featured automation & autoresponder
  • Email verification servers
  • Beautiful drag and drop templates
  • Free for small businesses
  • Leads Generations
  • Feedback Loops
  • Bounce Management
  • Reports

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Best Top Features

Email Subscribers

Keep all email subscribers in one list with no duplicates.

Social Media Ads

Build & run Facebook,Twitter,Instagram ads targeting your subscribers.

variety of email formats

We have a variety of email templates-they're all extremely simple and took mere minutes to drag-and-drop into place.

Full automated sales funnels

Move them into a sales workflow that pitches a product related to the content upgrade they opted in through.

Track leads and paying customers

One of the areas where MailsApex still much stronger than other email marketing tools in its "tier" is with ecommerce integrations.

Track opt-in source for each subscriber

You might want to segment a campaign or automation based on where someone signed up for your list.

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